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People, teachers, administration – all are really kind! The course helped me a lot. I improved fast. Without the course I think I couldn’t have got such a good level with the grammar, the way of speaking, the vocabulary. There is a good mix of activities. All the teachers that I’ve had are friendly, funny and helpful. They made me improve a lot. I’ve been here for six months and without being arrogant, if I compare with the beginning, I think that I can speak easily with any Australian. The Administration is really good and helpful. I really love Melbourne. The atmosphere is perfect, multicultural so you can meet people from all around the world. I definitely recommend Lyceum to other students.

Mehdi SoufianeBelgium

What I like of this school is that you can find people from everywhere if you compare to other schools. And Melbourne is a good city – not so big, not so small and it’s really easy to find the principal places.

Diana Davila MurilloColombia

I’ve been 7 weeks with Lyceum. My teacher is very considerate and generous. I’ve met many people from Japan, Poland, Colombia, Italy, France and Korea. The classroom is clean and there is a common room where people can mingle with other classmates. Melbourne is beautiful. You can enjoy the busy city life and you can relax yourself by the riverside as well. I definitely recommend my class.

Chungah WeKorea

The city of Melbourne is such a great place. There are many people from different countries and many great cafes. Also our teacher has great skills to teach English and every lesson is interesting. If you study at Lyceum you can get many friends as me. It will be an amazing experience for you definitely!!

Tamami MotaiJapan

I find my teacher very efficient. He is really friendly and helps me to be more confident with speaking. The administration staff are helpful and have found solutions for questions or remarks I have had.

Aurelien VianesFrance

I’m enjoying my classes at Lyceum. The most useful part of class are the discussions. There are good activities of game, text book and conversation. I have studied at Lyceum for 3 weeks. My teacher and the front desk staff are very kind to me. I like Melbourne life.

Satoko TaniguchiJapan

I’m really enjoying my classes at Lyceum. I’m having fun in my classes at Lyceum because we are learning, playing and discussing different things. Maybe the most useful thing is daily conversation and very good teachers. I’ve been here for two weeks and my English skill has improved. Administration is providing good service and very friendly. Life in Melbourne is lovely. I would like to recommend Lyceum to other students.

Tonko CamberCroatia

I really enjoy this school. The admin staff is really helpful. You can meet many friendly people from different countries. The teacher truly helped me to improve my English so I can go ahead and talk with everyone from outside of the school. I highly recommend this school.

Magdalena BanczakPoland

I’ve been going to Lyceum for one month. When I first came here, I was afraid of speaking English. But I met many people from different countries and I tried to speak English. So, I have improved speaking English now. This makes me happy. Finally I would like to recommend Lyceum for everyone.

Keun-Sol Kim (Kyle)Korea

I am enjoying my time here. I think the class activities are good. I always use the teachers’ help. They are friendly. The service from the administration is good. I’ve been here for three months and I am satisfied with my progress in English because before I knew no English. I love Melbourne. I’d recommend Lyceum to other students.

Cesar Andres Alfonso PabonColombia

I’ve been going to Lyceum for six months so far. The teacher is very good, his explanations are clear and easy. He is friendly and teaches us so much. I’m satisfied with my progress in English. The administration is very kind, finding a good solution for our problems. When I came to Melbourne my life changed. This city is relaxing and quiet for me. I like it. I paid to learn English a year here but I’m thinking of studying more. I would like to study a postgraduate after my English course. Of course I recommend Lyceum to my Colombian friends.

Viviana Millán GutierrezColombia

I’ve been going to Lyceum for around 6 or 7 months and I felt comfortable in those months. I got a lot of things and ideas about life in Melbourne and as well English. When I started the General English, I didn’t understand anything. Now I have improved my English. The teachers help me so much all the time. They will always try to help you. I’ve met may people from other countries and we’ve shared ideas and things about our countries. The administration staff are so beautiful, come and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Wilmar Stiven Rojas SarmientoColombia

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